One day…

I thought life would look a whole lot different. 

Do you ever feel that way?

One day you are sitting in a room full of people who love you signing yourself over to a school to play a sport that you love more than anything with aspirations of going to the Olympics for it and then the next you are sharing a tiny bedroom with your husband in your parents house with a 3 month old. 

One day you were out there playing your heart out and having the best season of your life. Then the next thing you know you are in a hospital room going through two different surgeries that would change your life forever. 

One day you are happy, in love with your husband and beginning to start a family. The next thing you know you are sitting there learning you just lost another child because your womb is not suitable to carry a child even though that is all you have ever wanted in life. 

One day you are living your corporate life, working your 9-5 dream job that pays you more than you could have ever imagined for. Then the next thing you know, you are being laid off because the world decided it was going to have a global pandemic. (Relatable?)

There is so many of these…I call them one day moments, what is yours? Take a minute and think about it. It is a moment where everything you thought would happen in life, didn’t. 

There was a time where life seemed so figureoutable (that’s a word right?). You go to school. You get good grades. You play sports. You play in the band. You sign your life away to play at a college for four years. You get into a good college. You pick a major or maybe 2 or 3. You graduate. You get a job. You go into the military. And life just goes on. But what happens when you are hit with the biggest curve ball of your life? Did you relate to any of those instances I mentioned above? We are pushing people to stand for a life that most of the time hasn’t worked out.  

What if the life we are telling people to build is wrong? What if what society has put out there for us to do, is wrong? What if having everything figured out isn’t for everyone? What if the life you had planned for yourself never happens? What if what you are going through is just training ground for what you are supposed to do? What if… 

No matter what your plans look like as a teenager or even 20+, the majority of those plans just aren’t guaranteed and that’s the hard truth. Why do we push people to go into debt? Why do force people to become someone they probably don’t even want to be? Why aren’t we feeding people with what they need? Why aren’t we showing people what their true identity is?

This probably wasn’t the self help you thought it was going to be. Want to know why? Cause Im still working on myself. That doesn’t qualify me to do this. None of my experiences in life probably qualify me for anything. But you know what does qualify me? God. 

That’s the simple truth. God. 

If you’re reading this then that probably means you are on a walk of faith or you are just trying to find your way. Welcome. I’m not a sugar coater. I’m not one that is going to save my breath so I don’t hurt your feelings. I was made to be bold and bold is what we will be here. God has put this in your face for a reason.  Maybe the cold hard truth is what we all need. And we need it now. Through the times of a global pandemic and where the world is literally tearing itself apart because feelings matter over the facts. Will this be controversial? Sure. I expect nothing less from a cancelled culture. We are made to stand out as Christians and that is something we have to get used to. It’s time to move forward in obedience no matter how scary. It is time to be set apart. It is time to break generational curses so your kids don’t have to. It is time to find out your true identity. 

Some things to think about:

  1. What was the original plan for your life? Did you see yourself where you are at now or did you picture your life differently?
  2. What is a moment in life that changed the complete course of the plans you had?
  3. Have you ever felt like God is trying to lead you down a different path?

3 responses to “One day…”

  1. Man I’ve thought about some of this a lot over the years. My life was 10000% NOT supposed to be what it is today. And if it were what I had planned, I also wouldn’t have all the wonderful parts of THIS life.

    Nice play God. Nice play. 💕

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  2. Wow this totally hit home. I can relate so much about the sports thing. I wanted to go to the Olympics for gymnastics. My whole identity was wrapped in being a gymnast. But when I broke my ankle and my parents had a messy divorce at the same time, rehab became to hard and depression took over me. 20 years later I am still waiting on what plans God has for me next and I’m excited to find out what it is!!💕🙏🏾💕

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  3. Ugh. I relate to all of this so much. I’m 37 years old and I’m still scrambling to piece my life together. I know God has a big calling for me, but for now, I’m just sitting here waiting & wondering when I’ll get my sign.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, Marissa! 💓

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