Not Today Satan

There is a quote that I read today from the book Sojourner by Christian Bosse, it read: “You are not to be a product of this world. You are a heavenly being created for more”

Well how fitting is that? Right when I start to sit down and face my fears and writing this blog this quote decides to pop up. It is as if my Pinterest knew or maybe it is just a coincidence. But lets be clear, there is no coincidences with God. Remember that…

Lets discuss this quote since I feel like it is going directly with what we are talking about here. I want us to be open and honest with ourselves here: Are we so caught up in how the world is telling us to live that we don’t see a reason to raise our kids any differently or to look at this world any differently for ourselves?

What if we were taught to build our lives around God and what He has in store for us? I can almost promise you it is way better than what everyone else is trying to prepare us for. I’m not saying not to go to school or to never go with the status quo. This is coming from someone that has a Master’s degree that has barely been put to use but I am proud of it. It was a big accomplishment and I do plan to go back and get my doctorate degree. The only thing stopping me? The wonderful cycle of student loan debt and the fact that God has not said it is time yet. This was what I was taught: You go to school. You get good grades. You go to college. You get your degrees.  You get a good paying job. 

Somehow and in some way, something got lost in translation because that is the exact opposite of what happened for me. I had no idea that I was set apart. I had no idea that I was the one holding me back from the life God created me for. Who knew that there was a different route to take?

I want you to know something. Life is hard. Adulting is hard. You may be struggling. You may have been hit with a crazy amount of closed doors. I am right there with you. But if you take absolutely anything from this blog I want it to be this: Things don’t come easy for you because you’re meant to break your families generational curses. You are set apart to do something great so of course the devil is going to hit you harder. You are constantly in these battles because you are a huge threat to the devil. He doesn’t want you to get ahold of your destiny, that would be bad news for him. The devil knows that you are a heavenly being created for more. He knows that the longer he keeps you stuck, the less you will do for God. The devil knows that you won’t become your true self, you will never grab a hold of your true identity. It is time to say “NOT TODAY SATAN!” Today is a new day, a day the Lord has made for me. A day where I start to find out who I truly am in Christ. It is time to break those generational curses, my friends.

Some things to think about:

  1. What kind of life were you taught when you were younger?
  2. Do you think going the status quo route like I did is all there is to life?
  3. Do you feel like you were made for more in this life?
  4. Bonus question: is adulting hard?

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