Who Are You Supposed To Be?

Do you have your fear figured out yet or how to even get past it? It does take actual action on your part so that we can move onto the next step in life. So don’t keep reading this if you aren’t going to change, just being honest, this post is about figuring out the next step that needs to be taken. This is for the people who are ready to find out who they are in Christ, who want to break generational curses, so their kids don’t have to, for those who are ready to be set apart & stand out on that limb with God, looking fear right in the face & conquering it. This life is going to be a work in progress, and you will battle it every single day, but it will get easier, this means you are getting stronger in your weakness. You will be able to fight back more and more each day because the devil is not allowed to have a hold on you anymore. I refuse to let the devil take you down this dark path any longer. Now, it is time we figure out what the heck you are even supposed to be doing for the Lord.

I listened to a pastor awhile back who had a thought: What if when you die, you meet the version of you that you were supposed to be? Would it be like you’re looking in a mirror or would you see a totally different person? I don’t know about you, but I want to be the person God created me to be. I want to be obedient in the path He has chosen not the one I am trying to control. Take a good look at your life and yourself and answer this one thing: If this scenario is true on when we get to heaven, we see a version of ourselves, would you be the same person or would you be way off?

If I’m being honest, I think I’d be a little off. I would love to say that I am exactly who God called me to be and I am going to be an exact match to the other version of me. In all honesty that just isn’t the case. I’ve questioned everything God has told me to do. I’ve questioned if I’m even hearing from God and I’m pretty sure I haven’t done a lot of things I have felt prompted to do. I would love to say that I’m a good listener, I don’t think this blog would be very relatable if I told you I’m perfect and you should just do everything like me so you can be perfect too. The only person that was perfect was Jesus. 

It is ok if we aren’t the person that we want to see in the mirror, it is also ok that we aren’t who God created us to be just yet. Remember we are here to recognize these things. We realize that we aren’t exactly who we should be, and this is when we change. Sometimes it is hard to figure out who we are even supposed to be. You know how many times I asked God who I am and what exactly I am supposed to be doing for Him? I wanted a definitive and audible answer to my questions from Him. I wanted to know without a shadow of a doubt that this is what God wanted me to do. Every time I talked to someone on how they knew God was calling them to do a certain activity in life they would tell me that they just knew that God spoke to them. Me, being the lukewarm Christian I was just kept thinking well how the heck do I get God to talk to me? Every time I ask a question, I get crickets, or my mind starts going in a million different places. 

It wasn’t till I realized that God is going to attempt to get your attention in the ways that you will pay attention. He will throw it into your everyday life. He will be extra nonchalant about it and see if you are really paying attention. I can think back very clearly to the times I probably should have listened to God and leaped like crazy, maybe my life would be in a different place than it is right now, but we can’t stay stuck on what could have been we have to focus on the right now and what is to come. So, when we think about all the times that we should have taken the leap God was telling us to do we can just take a minute, smack ourselves in the forehead and say, “what were you even thinking?” and then we move on because we are going to listen to God’s promptings from here on out. 

First time I ever thought about writing was when I was little. I absolutely enjoyed writing all my feelings down and making up stories. It is still something I do to this day. I always would tell my parents that I was going to be a writer one day. No idea what it would be about, but I was going to do it. Fast forward to when I was in college, I remember sitting in church with an iPad with a keyboard (yes I am spoiled), and my dad leaning over saying you are going to be a writer one day, of course me being me I laugh it off and think oh it’s just my dad. He only says things like that because I had sparked interest in it when I was younger. Yet I still questioned if that was the route I was supposed to take. The statement alone got me thinking, was that the calling God had on my life? 

Next instance was at a funeral. I remember talking to a family friend about a couple things that had happened, and she blurted out that she thought I should be an author. I will say that I asked multiple times before that instance on if that was something I was supposed to do. Then I listen then? That’s a no since that happened about 3 years ago. I used the excuse to ignore this calling because that is still someone who knew me. Even though I never told her any of my aspirations that was still my excuse. Someone must have told her, no way God had that come out of her mouth. 

This next instance you are probably going to think I’m just a smidge crazy. But we all sense that we are hearing from God in some kind of way. The next time I sensed I was hearing from God is when I was watching my hallmark movies. I would just like to say that I don’t feel like there is any coincidences when it comes to hearing from God. He will intentionally get your attention in any way He can. I am a die-hard hallmark movie fan, especially anything Christmas. I absolutely love everything about the movies even though they are all about the exact same thing. I will still watch them over and over. This time while I was watching them for some reason it stood out to me more and more that the story lines were all about people who were authors or were aspiring to be one. Ok God, you have my attention. On this one specific movie, this girl was told by her family that she should be an author when she was little because she had read so many books when she was younger. Well, hey, that kind of sounds like me. I have since donated a lot of my books from my childhood but if I still had them, I could easily fill an office full of books. I wanted to read all the books. Give me a good dramatic romance novel and I am all yours. Give me a book about a story during the holocaust and you have got me. I was that nerd in school that actually read the books on the reading list. The point is that I finally saw myself as someone that could give this a shot. No matter what comes out of this I can at least say that I tried but what I have learned in my 27 years of life is that if God has brought you to a place where you are trying something new to go along with your calling, He will promote you & He will see it through. He is the only one that can hand that out. He would not bring you to this area of life to just leave you. I may not be like an author of a book just yet, but I am an author of this blog & it is starting point. We may never know what God can promote us to when we just listen to His promptings. 

This is what I want you to think about: 

  • Is there something you’ve been told over & over to do that you just have never felt qualified for? Maybe, something you have always thought of doing? Something you did when you were younger?
  • How many times have you questioned God on if what you are being led to do is what you are supposed to be doing?
  • What can you do today to take a step forward into what you’ve been feeling led to do?

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