Let’s Get Wisdom-y & Read the Bible

I decided it was about time that I actually started reading my bible and really studying it. I have always read through it or read certain verses throughout the week that went with the one million devotionals that I have. But I never actually sat down and just studied it. Now, I don’t generally do things the conventional way if we haven’t learned that already. I’m not reading it chronologically or one book at a time. I read it by doing one book in the Old Testament, one book in the New Testament and then another book in the Old Testament. I know some tend to stay in one book until it is done but I love to be a little different and try things not a lot of people tend to do. Now, I’m not doggin’ anyone who does read the bible chronologically or one book at a time because you must do what works for you but the fact that you are even reading the bible is a huge deal. That means you are learning so much more about what God has in store. 

On the second day I was reading the bible a verse hit me where it hurts. The verse was Genesis 3:16 in the NLT version I read this line, “…And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.” My pride just got hit. I hope you weren’t expecting some like soul searching verse. I’m just trying to be real. I am a super controlling person. Ask anyone. I must be in charge. I enjoy being the boss. Do you know how hard it was for me to give up control of my life and put it into God’s hands? Probably a lot harder than it should have been. It’s probably why I didn’t quite go into the corporate world. That’s why one of my one day moments of not finding anything outside of college became a thing. But this verse got me. I officially understood why my life was the way it was and why my marriage seemed so difficult at times. I was attempting to force something that was not in God’s will. Do not get me wrong, I’m all for women empowerment. We should be a boss. We should be strong and confident. We should be a Proverbs 31 woman! But we need to know our place on God’s path and the same goes with men, they must know their place. 

Who knew that two days into truly reading the bible, I would figure out my whole life! I am just kidding, kind of. But I understood that God was trying to tell me about myself. I am to be bold and outspoken but not everywhere. I will 100% still speak up and not sugar coat things. I can only filter so much of my words, but I don’t need to control the people around me and attempt to change them. That is up to God. All the wisdom by just studying the bible for two days? Just think about when I get through the rest of the year. I am going to have so much wisdom. (Can I insert my lol here?) Why did I tell you this story?

To show that putting our face in that book can change your thinking in a second if your heart is open and ready. This is just the beginning on finding out who we are in Christ. I never used to be a huge advocate for opening up your bible and reading it. In all honesty, I used to find it boring and a waste of time. But as I began to grow my faith, I could see that it’s a vital part in elevating your faith to the next level so that you can be the person God has created you to be. On the fourth day of studying my bible I read this verse, Psalm 4:3 NLT, “You can be sure of this: The Lord set apart the Godly for himself. The Lord will answer when I call to him.” Look at that, it is kind of a soul-searching verse, isn’t it? We are God’s people. We are set apart from this world and when we call on Him, He will answer. It may not be in the way we think, and it may not be the answer we are hoping for but nonetheless He will still answer. Look at that insight guys!

If you are searching for anything in this world, then the bible is where to go for your answers. If you are looking to find out who the heck you are then I am going to need you to open up the bible that has been collecting dust for the past few months or maybe even years so you can get the exact answers you are looking for. I did not think that I would attach myself to this kind of teaching. I put off reading the Bible so many times, “im busy”, “I dont have the right pens or highlighters”, “I dont have a journal to transfer my notes.” True story. How many times have you said, oh I will do it when time is right? When this or that happens? When I have a little bit more time? I’m not in the right place to give off any kind of advice. Ok maybe that last one was just me. The more you question and the more you keep waiting to begin what God has given you to do the longer it is going to take you to receive those blessings that are attached to it. Do you ever think, what if the life I’ve been praying for is on the other side of doing what God told me to do months ago or even years ago? You have this vision for your life, right? Everyone does. It all starts with just a little bit of obedience & some serious wisdom from God’s word. (that means reading the Bible)

That sign you are looking for, those questions you are asking God over and over are all right there in that book. Don’t have the Bible, go ahead and just download an app. I am not here for the excuses; I have used them all. You want change, you want your identity back, you want to find your confidence again, this is where we are going to have to start. There is no better time than now. If you have time to binge watch Friends for the 100th time (just me?), binge Netflix or Hulu or whatever streaming service you have then you have time to read just one simple chapter out of the bible. Open your heart friends, it’s time for us to grow in wisdom together. 

The next thing you know, you will be finding the most random verse in the bible that will change your whole life perspective!

Things to think about or even journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • How are your reading the bible habits? Every day, every now and then, or non-existent?
  • Could you take 15-30 minutes out of your tv binge watch time or even get up a little bit earlier to read the bible?
  • What questions have you hoped God would answer through reading your Bible?

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