Where Is Your Faith?

Have you ever read Luke 8? I highly recommend you stop reading this and open up a bible whether it is an actual book or it’s on the bible app. Just open it. Read verses 1-25, then come right back here. 

There is a specific parable that must be read about the planting of seeds. A farmer went out to plant seeds. Some landed on a footpath, others on rocks, among thorns, and some fell on fertile soil. I did not understand this parable at first at all. Thinking from a business mindset, I think oh yes, I need to have good soil like a good network and I have to tend to it and water it because a big network won’t happen overnight. Apparently, that is not what Jesus was talking about, go figure. Let’s look into what it really means: God’s Word! If your seeds are falling on a footpath then that means you are hearing a message only for the devil to come and take it away. If it is falling on rocky soil, you will receive the message with joy but because you don’t have deep roots you will believe for while but will abandon those beliefs because you faced some kind of temptation. If it is on the thorns, you will hear the message, but that message will soon be overtaken by the cares and riches and pleasure of this life, that’s on worldly living friends! But, if these seeds are falling onto fertilized soil, then when a message is heard, you would cling to it and be patiently waiting for the produce to start to harvest. Going through all these options the question arises, where is your faith?

If you are constantly asking for a word from God and He is constantly answering which type of soil is that message going into? If I am honest, I would probably say that at different moments in my life I was every single one of these soils. My heart was not willing to take any word from God at one point in life because I had been so far down the rabbit hole of my depression or what seemed like depression at the time. It was honestly just the devil trying to keep me out of the game and keeping me from what God is calling me to do. We should know by now that the longer you stay knocked down the less of a threat you are. But once you start coming to your senses and understanding that God has a purpose and calling for your life then you become one of the biggest threats to the devil’s plan. Sorry devil you have already lost, please step aside. 

I have always in one way, or another listened to church services, whether in the actual building, online or through a podcast. In keeping with my honest nature, I would just like to say that I’m pretty sure I have not taken any of the stuff I’ve heard at church in till more recently. Meaning within the last two years or so I have really gotten serious about taking in the things I need to hear. God has put these sermons in front of me so maybe I need to listen. I’ve been a footpath and let the devil take away the messages I’ve heard. I’ve been rocky soil, I can be so happy after hearing a message and two seconds later I will be back in my old ways if some kind of trouble comes my way or temptation & I am abandoning everything I thought I believed in for that moment. I have been thorns where I have let everything in the world turn my mind away from Jesus. That is not something that is easily fixed. But just more recently I have found myself being on fertilized soil. Yes, what I hear maybe hard but I know that God has my future in His hands. I am no longer in control to make a mess of things. 

Now, that I basically share all my dirty laundry with you and how I am relatively not the perfect Christian, can you be honest with me on which soil you are right now, as you are reading this? If you are to ask God one more time, “hey am I supposed to be doing this one task I keep getting the sense that you want me to do?” He is going to say yes one more time. Are you going to cling to it, work on it and patiently wait for it to reap a harvest? Or are you going to say you are going to do it but then say you are too busy? Or are you going to start it and then get distracted and tempted and stop working? Or are you going to let the devil in to your head and tell you that you can’t do it? What is it going to be? You must be real. You have to be honest with yourself. How much longer are you going to sit in this life and in this horrible soil? When is enough, enough?

It is time to let go of the life the devil is trying to keep you in. The devil is not allowed to have you any longer. I have two pet peeves, 1) the sound your nails make going across a chalk board and 2) the devil keeping people from their purpose or has somehow gotten people to believe that they are not made for more in this life. It breaks my heart and upsets me all at the same time. It breaks my heart to know that you are allowing the devil to have this hold on your life, making you believe that you aren’t made for a life of more. That you aren’t made to change the world and live out God’s promises and truths. It makes me so mad that I could literally go on a full out brawl with devil if I wanted to because of this. How dare the devil try to hurt a child of God?! I cannot handle it. Put up your fists it is time to fight, y’all. I’ve had conversation after conversation with friends that have felt less than. We talk, they feel better and then they are right back in the same cycle that they were before. You’ve been there. You probably might still be there. But it is time. Get those boxing gloves and put them on. The devil cannot have your life anymore. He cannot have your kids’ lives anymore. You must stop holding onto the trash the devil wants you to believe that you are. Gosh, you are so much more, and I am going to keep saying it until you get it into your thick skull. 

You are here. Reading this right now so that must mean that you know there is something more to this life. There is something more to your life. There is something more that you could be doing. But you aren’t quite sure where to start. Well, the best place to start sometimes is in the unknown. That means you are uncomfortable, and you are out on a limb with Jesus. From what I’ve been told that is the safest place to be, I’m out there. God is out there waiting for you.  Are you going to take that step?

It can be nerve wrecking to figure out where you are going to start. We know our fear and we should know by now that we are probably going to be set apart from everyone else. We aren’t going to fit in. We are working towards moving past our fear and moving past the need of approval from other people. Not easy, I know but will eventually happen when you start to understand who you are in Christ. But still, where do you start? That’s the nagging question. You want to have a life of abundance now. You can feel it. There is like of so much more waiting for you on the other side of this fear. There is something better out on that limb with Jesus. Though scary, oh so worth it. I want you to think about what God has told you He has wanted you to do. What have you felt a pull to? What have you sensed God telling you to do? You know that one thing that you keep asking for signs on if you should really do it or not.

This is what you are going to do, and you cannot allow any of this to scare you. If it does, this is what you say, “I am scared, God but I know you are in control. Give me courage to keep going. In Jesus name I pray, amen.” Say that every time you start to feel a little overwhelmed with what you are about to do. Sit in silence for a bit. Take a deep breathe then get back to it. 

But now we get back to where we need to start & I just have one question…where is your faith?

Somethings to think about & journal if you’re feeling spunky:

  • Do you know where your faith is? Which soil would you consider yourself right now?
  • If you aren’t the best soil, then how do you plan on getting to the fertile soil? If you claim to already be on fertile soil, have you begun to act on what God is calling you to?
  • Are you ready to grab hold of the more in life that God is offering you?

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