If God Called You, Then You Are Qualified

Gosh, I really don’t think that God can use me. I am in no way qualified for the things that I sense that I should be doing. Sounds a little familiar…I am pretty sure I have said these words and I am pretty sure you have said these words. But I am not talking about us saying those words. 

I am talking about Moses. Did you know Moses protested God when he was being called to lead the Israelites out of Egypt? Yeah, me neither until I actually read it.

Moses struggled with following God’s calling because of who he was and the shortcomings that he knew he had. He allowed his shortcomings define him, he used his speech as one of a million reasons on why God should never choose him, but if God is calling him then that means he is qualified. He knows about all his shortcomings and failures and still loved him more than anything. God knew that Moses was the one for the job, but he sure did need some convincing. Even after all the miracles God showed Moses you think he would be like, yeah, I got it, go save the Israelites and go to the promise land, I can do that cause you said it. Instead, it was even though you showed me a burning bush, a staff turning into a snake, his cloak pocket turning into a place that can give a disease and take it away, and turned some water into blood, I don’t think you are right about me, I really think you should choose someone else God. Totally me paraphrasing but God even worked with Moses, allowing him to bring Aaron along to help speak on his behalf just so Moses would just go do his purpose in life. If we have read the bible, then I am pretty sure we know what happens next. 

So, you mean to tell me the amazing Moses didn’t even think he was qualified for God’s calling? The Moses who helped lead the Israelites out of slavery? The Moses who split the red sea because of God? The Moses who got the ten commandments from God? That Moses?! Who knew…because I sure didn’t until I read Hebrews this past week. When I say my mind was blown, I truly mean it. I honestly had no idea. Moses is someone others speak so highly of throughout the bible so clearly, I thought he knew exactly who he was in Christ, instead he was someone who felt like his shortcomings and weaknesses made him unqualified to do the things God wanted him to do. Say what?!

We are over here scared to move forward in what God has told us to do because we feel like we aren’t qualified but we so are. We are allowing the things that we see as weaknesses define who we are supposed to be in life! Unacceptable! If God called Moses and he felt unqualified but yet he was qualified because God called him, why wouldn’t it be the same thing for you?

You can feel unqualified that is fine but just for the record, you are qualified if God calls you qualified. You can protest all you want like Moses did but regardless you are still qualified. God might send a friend or a sibling to help you walk through the steps of your calling but at the end of the day He called you. 

You are qualified regardless of your weaknesses. You are qualified regardless of your age. You are qualified regardless of how long you’ve been walking with God. You are qualified. It is time to start moving those feet in what God called you in because what if God is waiting for you to get going so, He can help you part your own Red Sea?

Some things to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Have you felt like there is a calling on your life?
  • Have you felt unqualified of that calling? Why?
  • If Moses felt unqualified and God still used him, why wouldn’t God still use you?

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