God Can Do No Wrong. God Cannot Lie. So, Why Don’t You Believe God Can Do Amazing Things In Your Life?

I heard this in a podcast I listened to not too long ago:

“If I’m worth everything, if I’m worthy, if there’s nothing wrong in me, if I can’t lie to you, why don’t you believe my word? If I’m better than everything that has ever been made, why do you keep leaving me for lesser things?” – Jackie Hill Perry

Were you as mind blown as I was after reading that? I had absolutely never heard something phrased like this. Why don’t we believe God after He has done some pretty incredible things in our lives? Why do we decided to choose a path of evil instead of a path with God? Evil might be an over exaggeration so how about a path that is more comfortable than a path with God?

I have been making my way through Exodus and the story is obviously about the Israelites coming out of slavery being led by God and Moses of course. But what happens when they are in the wilderness for like two seconds? They start to question God and if He is really this powerful being that is going to show them the promise land. You mean to tell me that you watched the Red Sea get parted in half and you walk through the sea to get to the other side, and you don’t believe God is going to follow through with the promises He is telling you? The same God that made bread rain from the sky and that showed Moses where to get water, so you didn’t starve and get thirsty? Are they crazy?

Are we crazy? Because to be fair, I know for sure I have questioned God a million times on the things He can do in my life. The same God that woke us all up this morning. The same God that has helped me pay my bills even when I had no idea how I was going to get things paid? That God. How many times have you questioned the promises God has put on your life?

How many times have you said, no thanks I think I am going to stay on this nice comfortable path where I stay stuck, where I feel less than and where I feel like I will never amount to anything I dreamed of being. Again, another exaggeration but, how many times? We tend to get so comfortable on a certain path that we forget that God can do some extraordinary things in our lives. We tend to forget that God cannot lie, and He is never wrong so why aren’t we believing for more? Why are we acting like the Israelites?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be stuck in the wilderness for 40 years because I am so unsure of myself and so unsure about the amazingness of God. I have watched God move in my life and in others over and over, but I still have moments where I think that He cannot do what He said He was going to do. I am officially crazy. This is what we need to do: we are going to write down every blessing God has done in our lives, and you aren’t allowed to say He hasn’t made things happen in your life. Are you awake? Are your bills paid or even just some of them paid? Were you able to buy some groceries? Did you get approved for a house? Did someone accept your offer in this crazy market? Are you walking around today? Are you at a job? Are you breathing? Then God has made a way in your life. After you have written all of those things done, I want you to read over them and say, “God has done all of those things, so why do I believe that He couldn’t do more than this?” Then I want you to give yourself a life smack on the face, (just kidding, kind of) and say, “God cannot lie. God can do no wrong. God can do all things and He is going to do amazing things in my life, and I am going to believe Him when He makes promises to me.”

This world is constantly falling apart around us so we don’t have time to sit and wait in the wilderness. We don’t have time to question God over and over. It is time we stop being like the Israelites and believe God more than we ever have before and get moving into the more He has for us in life. 

Some things to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Write down all the blessings God has done in your life. 
  • What is something God has been telling you to do?
  • What is stopping you from moving forward in that task?

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