Pray The Way You Want, Not The Way You Think You Should Pray. Just Be You. 

Ever read Exodus 25-30. I will give you the cliff notes version. It is basically every single detail to the inch on how the ark of the covenant and tabernacles should be made. I pretty sure there was even some table dimensions in there somewhere. There is even details about the type of garments that needed to be made and how the anointed oil needed to be prepared. It is definitely a lot of information in one sitting. So, what I read is a whole bunch of details and if you are a woman than you know that we get criticized sometimes for telling stories with “too many” details! Any time someone says we put too many details in stories, let’s all just refer to the bible and how God gave every single detail for the things that are important to Him. You know what?

He wants us to do the same thing. This post is totally not meant to be about how women need to use all the details in the world. It is about knowing that we can put every little detail into our prayers even if we feel silly or you think that God may not want to hear all of it. I will be honest with you; I thought my prayers need to be clean and concise. I thought they needed to be to the point and said a certain way. I figured that I needed to say certain things in my prayers so God could see I was serious, apparently, I was wrong. 

I don’t generally like to say those words, but I was definitely wrong. Give him the details or just give Him one word. The important part is that you are talking to God. He gives time to those that are important to Him, and He cares about the things we care about. So, what if our prayers sound like a hot mess express that makes us sound crazy, the point is that we brought our craziness to God and that is how things are going to get done. 

Think of it like this, if you have kids and you ask them how their day at school was, the answer you receive is probably going to be ‘it was good” or “it was ok”. The next question you’ll ask will be if they learned anything new that day and the usually answer will be “no” or “yeah”. I am pretty sure that was not the response you want to hear, you want details. You want to know as much as possible because your kids are important to you, and you might even want to know if there is something you could help with. Jesus is the same way with us. 

He wants to know what is going on. He wants to know what is on our heart. Yes, He may already know but He just wants you to talk with Him. Prayers can be as long or as short as you like. They can be a hot mess, or they can be a well thought out paragraph. Just know that you don’t have to have the perfect prayer for God to hear you. You just have to come to Him as you. 

So, women bring your details to your prayer life, God thinks you are pretty important so bring all the extra-ness that people complain about when you are telling stories to them. Bring one word if that is all you have. The best thing you can do for your life is to just pray your way, not how you think praying should be. Just be yourself with God, He has seen you at your lows and still loves you like crazy. 

Somethings to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Do you ever try to write the most perfect prayers?
  • Have you ever just come to God in vulnerability, instead of trying to act perfect?
  • Write down a prayer. No thinking. Just what is on your heart. No special words. Just you and your details. 

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