God Has All The Answers To Your Questions: God’s Plans Over Our Own

I feel like when I pick a verse for the week it becomes a theme and I start to see it all throughout the week. This week it’s all about the patience and believing in the plan God has for your life. I am truly not kidding, this Sunday at church I heard about how everything will come together on God’s timing, which was exactly what I needed to hear. Then the verse of the week that I had chosen had everything to do with patience. That goes along with being patient for the things God is working through in our lives. Then I read these two verses yesterday:

Proverbs 16:1 

“We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer.”

Proverbs 16:3 

“Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.”

Sometimes we have some serious nagging questions on what the heck we are supposed to be doing in this thing we call life. We make all the plans right; we do all the things but yet stuff still seems to fall apart! But I thought I did everything right and I thought this what I was supposed to be doing in life? Those are the common questions, but if we look at Proverbs 16:1 we see that we can make our own plans but the right answer for our life is only given from God. Hope that doesn’t put a little speed bump in your plan. 

I had created a five-year plan for my life, and I used to tell people to do the same. I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. I knew what I wanted by the time I was 18 and I knew how I wanted my life to pan out by the time I was 25. I hope you can tell that almost none of that stuff happened. I wanted to play softball for most of my life but that didn’t exactly happen, and it crushed me. I was looking for my own right answers, I never once during this time wanted to hear the answers that God had for me. If I would have listened then, then I possibly would have been further along in my walk, but I cannot stay there, or I will become increasingly discouraged about how far I have come. 

Just in case you are wondering, I am not telling you to never have a plan for your life. I fully believe that we should be running these plans by God. Read Proverbs 16:3, it states pretty clearly that if we commit our actions to God then our plans will succeed. That is what we all want, we want our plans to succeed, shoot we in general just want to succeed, we all want to be someone. 

I pray that as you do read through some of my blog posts that you learn from the mistakes I made early on in my life. We do not need to have this life all figured out; we just have to trust God. He has the answers we are looking for, He knows the things you desire before you can even admit it to yourself. I know that plan you had for your life is fool proof and there is no way you aren’t going to make it happen but take a second and think, is this what God has planned for my life? Is this the plan He wants me to succeed in so that He can be glorified?

I know it is hard to let go of some of the control of our lives especially for my type A, perfectionist friends, like myself. It is not easy, and I know that but the stress relief you will get for not having to have everything planned out is out of this world. The moment you relinquish control to Jesus, everything can change. The moment you give your plans in life over to God so that your plans can match His plans for your life, you will succeed the way you are meant to. 

Somethings to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • How hard is it for you to give over control?
  • Do you want to succeed the way God wants you to succeed?
  • Do you need to hand your plans for your life over to God?

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