Easter Week: Could You Sacrifice The Way Jesus Sacrificed For You?

I want you to think to yourself, would I be willing to make a living sacrifice? Would you be able to grab a sheep, make sure it is pure and then put it on an altar and cut it open? I want you to be honest here…could you do it?

I wrote in my journal this morning that I would hope that I would do anything to make sure my relationship with God was good but that I was incredibly grateful that the practice of sacrificing animals is no longer a thing. When they sacrificed animals in the bible it was to help the person get cleaned and forgiven of their sin, that was the goal. But we are living in a different world now. We are living in a world, in a week where a man named Jesus who had no sin took on all our sin and mistakes and gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

This man did absolutely nothing wrong and still took on it all so we wouldn’t have to. Are you sacrificing anything for God? Or are you sitting in your pretty little comfort zone? This man died for you, and you are telling me you can’t blindly follow in obedience with what He is telling you to do? Yes, I get it, it is a difficult task, you are talking to the girl of excuses and questions. I am someone who needs all the info. But this is what I know: 

Proverbs 20:24 NLT

“The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?”

Your own sacrifices no longer have to look like they did in the Old Testament because of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus gave for us. But the point is sacrifices still need to be made. Leaving a comfort zone = sacrifice. Moving across the country away from family = sacrifice. Leaving a business you given your blood, sweat and tears to = sacrifice. Switching professions = sacrifice. There are so many other examples I could give but all these things are not easy. Some of these things you aren’t qualified for (or are you…) but who is in charge? God.

I wish I could know all the things going on in Jesus’s head as He walked through this week. I want you to think about this: yes, Jesus was more than likely qualified to take on all our sins, but He never actually committed a sin, but He still sacrificed. He still gave himself because He knew it was for God’s purpose and plan. 

So, yeah moving to something new is difficult. Yes, you may feel unqualified because you don’t meet all the criteria of what is coming or what you are being told to do. But that is ok. If Jesus can make an ultimate sacrifice for you then I am pretty sure we can do the same for Him. He is in charge. We do not need to know all the answers. We don’t need to understand. We just need to know that it must be done because it is a part of God’s plan. 

Somethings to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Would you do a living sacrifice?
  • Are you staying in a comfort zone?
  • Jesus gave His whole life for you, why can’t you just be obedient to what He is saying?

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