Easter Week: Are You A Servant Leader?

I am pretty sure you have heard the someone say that we should a servant leader the same way Jesus was to His disciples and basically everyone. Here is a definition of servant leadership based on the bible:

Servant-leadership serves others by investing in their development and well-being for the benefit of the common good. Thus, a good Christian servant-leader serves God through investing in others so that together they may accomplish a task for God’s glory.

As we are walking through Holy Week today is the day that they will share the Passover feast, which would be The Last Supper. During this time, Jesus would wash His disciples’ feet in preparation of this meal. 

Who would have thought that the son of God would be washing other people feet for them? But it was done, and it is the ultimate showing of how we should be as Christians. Being a servant leader is not easy, putting others needs in front of yours is never easy. But God shows us every day that everything He does is for us. 

Let’s take it a step further, as you are doing things for others, it will ultimately glorify God. Hear me out, no one expects people to think of them first everyone fully expects people to think of themselves first because in this world we are conditioned to believe that the only thing that matters is me, myself, and I. But, if you put someone else’s well-being first they will start to see Jesus through you, maybe they will even ask why you act the way you do, and your answer will be “That is how God wants us to live.” *Enter God’s glory

During this day Jesus shows us exactly how we are to serve others and put their needs before ours. It isn’t super simple but the further along you get in your walk with Christ the more it becomes a muscle memory in your body. Some extra qualities of being a servant leader based on the bible is:

  1. Integrity: being honest and of great character, most of all be humble. 
  2. Humility: be confident in admitting that you don’t. know it all and learn from other experiences. 
  3. Resilience: recognize that life is hard and difficult, but that God is in control so giving up isn’t an option unless prompted by God to change paths
  4. Flexibility: be willing to adapt to the different situations happening around you. Change is hard but it must be welcomed.  
  5. Stewardship: be good with your money sure, but this stewardship means treating God’s people as valuable because they are. 
  6. Empathy: see people through the eyes of Jesus and visualizing yourself in someone else’s position. 

Some of these qualities you probably already have but some of them you will have to work on and that is ok, that is what is going to make you a great servant leader.

Some things to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Could you have washed someone else’s feet?
  • Do you possess any of the qualities I listed above?
  • Which one(s) do you feel like you could be better at? 

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