Verse of the Week: There is Purpose in Your Pain. Just Trust God. 

Verse of the week:

1 Corinthians 6:14 NLT

“And God will raise us from the dead by his power, just as he raised our Lord from the dead.”

To think we just went through a week where it was the most depressing time to the most rejoicing time in the matter of three days. To think Jesus conquered death and yet we still don’t think that He can solve all our problems or move giant mountains!

We know life can be incredibly difficult and painful especially when the things we had planned for our life never goes the way we thought it would. But hear me out, if God can raise Jesus from the dead after three days, why don’t you think the plans He has for your life would not be good enough for you? Why are we constantly questioning if what God has in store for us is for us?

He has shown us over and over how He looks out for us and how He would literally do anything for us. So why aren’t we truly giving our problems over to God? Why aren’t we letting God help us through the valley? I know I have a lot of questions throughout this post, but this is serious! & I am speaking to myself. 

We have a God who gives us the things we need. We have a God who fights our battles. We have a God who sent Jesus to forgive all our sins. We have a God who wins. We have a God that wants us to be happy and peaceful. We have a God who loves us. Yet, all we do is question if He is truly for us, if the promises He has given us are really going to happen and if He really will take care of us all because we are going through some painful moment. 

I read a quote this morning: it is what you do with the pain that determines what it becomes. 

We can let the pain we are feeling of having our life not be exactly what we planned take over us and be stuck in a cycle of uncertainty OR we can take our pain and shove it in the devil’s face and say, “my God is bigger than this pain!” That might be a little aggressive but why don’t we do that? If you do that, then I am trying to get like you. I let my pain take over me for years. How dare MY plan for my life not happen?! Those were my true and honest thoughts, but this is what I have learned and what I will preach to everyone I see or talk to:

We may have a plan for our lives, but God’s purpose is what will prevail. 

You can plan your life away like I did but if it isn’t in line with God’s purpose don’t expect it to happen. *enter all the questioning of God* But God, I thought that was the plan for my life, I had it all figured out?! God: “Nope, I have something much better in store. You just have to trust me.” Trusting isn’t easy when all you have felt is the pain. But be reminded that if God can raise Jesus from the dead then He can raise you from your pain, that the plans He has for your life our way better than the plans you ever had. 

Somethings to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Are you in a painful part of your life?
  • Did the plan that you had for your life not follow through?
  • Do you constantly question God?
  • Do you trust that God can raise you from your metaphorical death?

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