Prayer Fixes Things

I used to have some serious panic attacks when I was younger, my chest would tighten, and I would ultimately freak out because I didn’t know what was happening. As I got. Older I could recognize when something like this was bound to happen again. When I began to get overwhelmed or overly anxious, I could feel my chest tighten, it would get a little bit hard to breath and a huge headache would set in. 

It always made me feel as if my world was crashing around me because everything was moving either at 100 miles per hour or it was going incredibly slow, and I had no idea how to find the right in between. But you know what? I no longer feel these kind of panic attacks anymore. 

My life still moves at 100 mph most months and I also feel like I have been in a waiting period in my life for a ridiculous amount of time, but I walk through those moments with peace instead of in panic. I know, easier said than done, I am fully aware. I didn’t recognize that I no longer was having this panic attacks till about a year ago. But what changed? I will let you guess…

It was in fact that I gave my life to Christ and actually started walking with Him and not just saying I was a Christian. One huge thing that I did, I started praying every day. I prayed for peace over myself because I am pretty sure I would get nothing done if I kept having panic attacks or feeling overly anxious. This wasn’t a quick fix. I didn’t just pray it once and it suddenly disappeared. 

That is usually our problem when it comes to praying for stuff. We assume that if we pray once it is automatically going to happen. Did you go to the gym one time and automatically get abs? Did you eat that one salad one day and suddenly you were the healthiest person in the room? I am going to guess that the answer was no to those two questions! The same goes with our prayer. 

We want to have a healthy prayer life; you know God wants us talking to Him every single day. You can write down your prayers or you can say them out loud or in your head, whatever it is that works for you, but the point is if you want to see movement in your life and you want to see things change you have to have a fervent prayer life. Let’s think about it as the salad from before. If you are eating salads every day you will possibly see a difference, you obviously yes should probably do other things to keep up your healthy lifestyle just like you should be doing other things on your walk with God.

But let’s stick to the salad for now. If you want to be healthy you are going to eat that salad every day and eventually you will start to see change. So, if you make it a priority to pray every single day then you are going to start seeing change eventually. It will not happen overnight but if you are consistent and you believe then God will start to show you how He is moving through your prayers. 

Whether you want Him to know about your day, fix some problems, help other people or literally anything you want to pray about, God will listen and that bridge between your problems and your peace will start to close because prayer is what is going to fix things. Peace, love and everything you need can be achieved by a healthy prayer life. 

Some things to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Do you feel like prayer can fix things?
  • Is there something in your life or someone else’s life that you should be praying for?
  • Start praying. Doesn’t need to be concise and thought out. Just be you. 

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