Why Aren’t You Satisfied With God’s Miracles?

Just a couple things I have read this week that have given me a good number of things to think about. First:

Ecclesiastes 1:8

“No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we hear, we are not content.”

Second: I read Matthew 14 where Jesus walks on water and yet Peter still has little faith even though he is literally watching a miracle right in front of his eyes. 

It begged the question, how is it possible that we watch God do miracles every single day, but we still have little to no faith that He can do some amazing things in our own life? How is that we are never satisfied even when He shows us the miracles He can do in our own lives?

I guess that was 2 questions but still I need the answers. I feel like this is where we truly figure out where we are in our walk with faith. We have been taught in this world that we need to have the next best thing and once we have it, we must find something better. We are conditioned to be unsatisfied with the things that are shown right in front of us because we want to be like the celebrities.

Those are just the hard facts. We are sitting here walking on water with Jesus one minute becoming a part of the miracle and then we start looking to our left and to our right instead straight at our source and we begin to drown and doubt everything we just witnessed with our own eyes! Please don’t say that you don’t see miracles happen in front of you every day. You woke up today? Miracle, not everyone will have woken up this morning. Your bills are all paid? Miracle, not everyone has that luxury. You made to work and back unharmed? Miracle, not everyone is going to make it home today. You can use both of your arms and legs? Miracle. You can see with both eyes? Miracle. You were able to buy a house in this crazy market? Freaking miracle!

Every part of your day is a part of these miracles that God puts around us to show His goodness to the world. It may take us a bit to get to a point where we fully believe everything God is telling us and that’s ok. Everyone’s walk with God is different. Some people can be full on obedience walkers, and some need a little help, but the point is that you get there. 

This is how I see it; Peter throughout the bible grows in his walk with God. He sees miracles in front of him every day while being a disciple and it grows his faith and trust in God little by little. Sure, he has some downfalls but who doesn’t? The point is that he eventually got to a place in his life where he fully trusted everything God was telling him. There was a small moment of doubt but still he eventually got to his true self without doubting God every other second. 

So, let’s focus on the miracles happening in front of us every day. Let’s see the blessings happening right in front of you. Little by little it’ll start to grow your faith to where you will get to the point that you won’t question the goodness God can do in your life. Keep your eyes on Jesus and you won’t start drowning. 

Somethings to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Have you been looking to your left and right when you should be focused on Jesus?
  • Do you ever feel like you are drowning?
  • Do you ever get what you want and then still feel unsatisfied with the outcome?

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