Are You a People Pleaser or God Pleaser?

To think you are worried about what others have to say or think about you really hurts my heart. I am probably not the best person to discuss people pleasing because I very much have an “I don’t care” attitude. But I have had moments in my life where I was craving validation from my peers so I guess you can say a small part of me is a people pleaser. 

But what do you gain by being a people pleaser? From my experience it puts a lot of extra anxiety on me to think about what others are thinking about me and I want no part of that. How is someone else’s opinion of you going to affect you? Be honest. Do these people pay your bills? Do they see what you are going through on the inside? Do they know anything about you? So why should the opinion they have of you matter?

What I have come to learn: those people you are so worried about probably aren’t even thinking about you the way you think they are. So, I need you to hear me out:

There is a person who helps you pay your bills. There is a person that knows everything about you inside and out. There is a person who is thinking about you constantly. There is someone who know absolutely everything about you! Want to guess what His name is?

It’s God. I hope you knew that. So, this is the goal: be a God pleaser not a people pleaser. Let’s not walk around trying to impress or get validation from those around us. Let’s walk around thinking about how God would want you to react throughout the day. Let’s live our life according to how God wants us to live. Let’s only think on the things we are doing based on what God wants us to do. 

Give up the weight of others’ opinions and I can promise you anything your shoulders may feel lighter. You may not feel like you have to be perfect all the time. You may even start to feel like yourself. When we walk our life according to God’s word, we start to become our true self.  That true self isn’t worried about what others have to say, and the opinions of others won’t phase their life in any kind of way. 

Be a God pleaser. 

Somethings to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Are you in anyway a people pleaser?
  • Have you let other’s opinions affect your life in any kind of way?
  • Are you going to be a God pleaser instead?

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