Thoughts From a Recovering Perfectionist: Walk a Godly Walk of Faith

Why do we intend on making this walk with God harder than it has to be? So, we give our lives to Christ and then we say what next. What can I do or what can I not do? We question absolutely everything because we know somethings have changed and we don’t want to walk incorrectly with God or maybe that is just be. 

I 100% overthink everything and I am ok with that. God knows I am a work in progress so just going with the flow has becoming a learning process during this season in my life. Maybe you are like me and that’s cool, welcome to the club. We can be a hot mess, perfectionist group who are trying to be better for Christ. 

I know the questions are dangling and you want to know what to do with this new found life in Christ & this is what I want you to do: Go read Proverbs. 

I just finished reading Proverbs last week and this is what I have learned: it is literally and entire book about how to walk in your faith. It explains the way of the wicked and how to walk the way God wants us to. It gives us clear instructions on how we are to handle things. 


  • We aren’t here to get rich; we know that God will provide wherever it is needed. 
  • We must be loyal and never cheat. 
  • We are to look to the future with joy knowing that God is in charge. (Yes, this is hard but you can do it!)
  • You can make all the plans you want but God’s purpose will always prevail. 
  • Find friends that help you get closer to God not take you away from Him. 
  • Do not boast about yourself, let others praise you.
  • Anger, wrath, and jealousy need to be avoided especially jealousy
  • Be willing to learn and gain knowledge 
  • The Lord is always directing our steps no need to try and understand everything, along the way. Just trust God. 
  • Your words can bring death or life
  • Victory belongs to the Lord no matter what the battle looks like 

That is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that can be learned by working through Proverbs. Let it be your instruction manual for your walk. Let the whole bible be your instruction manual. You must know that you still have free will and life is still going to be bumpy because of that but keep in mind the things God is trying to get us to understand. 

A walk with God isn’t generally about all the rules and regulations but more about a better quality of life. This walk can be a struggle when you first start it. So, take your mustard seed of faith and feed it with the right water and light that can only be found in the bible. 

Somethings to think about & journal if you are feeling spunky:

  • Are you new to your walk of faith?
  • Have you been stuck on where to begin?
  • Have you read Proverbs yet?

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