Verse of the Week: Do You Believe?

You ever just been on a complete struggle bus with your faith? Like, you are having moments where you are going through the motions of being in God’s presence and things just aren’t sticking? Or maybe you are in a place where you are feeling like you are doing everything for God but absolutely nothing is moving in your life? You feel as if what you are doing is not good enough. 

Well, that is me these past few days. I have felt not good enough and basically everything I am doing even the things that are in obedience with God just aren’t working and I know for sure I am working. So, I started questioning God. True story. I needed to know what I was missing. What can I do more of to make myself not feel this way? What could I do less of? What did God need me to do? Those were all of my questions because I know the issue isn’t on God’s side it is on mine. God is always doing His job; it is usually us that need the help to get to the next level in our faith. 

I have had a few weeks of when it rains it pours moments. If something could go wrong, it did. It has just been one of those weeks. So, I automatically knew that some kind of blessing is going to be coming because the devil would not hit us with all these negative things if something amazing wasn’t about to happen. So, it is only fitting that I started feeling this way because the devil would love to distract me from the blessings God has put right in front of me and that is easily what the devil is trying to do to you if you are going through some similar situations. But I digress…

I would like to state that I am a very literal person and I believe that God knows that. I wear a bracelet every day that says, “Believe 1 John 5:5” and as I was asking God what exactly is wrong or if I need to do more of something that bracelet broke. Now remember I am a very literal, so my mind instantly thought is my belief broken? I can talk big game to others but am I following through on my end? Am I truly believing in God? Am I truly believing in myself?

This is 100% difficult for me to say but I also have never wanted to portray a perfect life and a perfect walk of faith because those things just aren’t true. This life is messy and weird. This world is on a whole other level, so this isn’t an easy thing to do. Being a Christian doesn’t automatically make us perfect. There is only one perfect person and that is Jesus. 

So, the verse for this week is:

1 John 5:5 NLT

“And who can win this battle against the world? Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.”

I want you to really think, are you believing? Truly believing? In God and in yourself? Because believing in both is so important! If you aren’t feeling good enough. If you are feeling like you are doing everything right, but nothing is changing. If you are feeling like everything is going wrong. Just stop, take a breather. Take a rest day. Take a break. Sit on 1 John 5:5. Read it over and over. Then just do the next thing. Don’t overwhelm yourself because maybe you aren’t as far along as someone else or because you think you should be in a different place than where you are. Stay in God’s word! 

I read this quote in a devotional this morning,” It is possible to remain obedient to God’s commands even when everything around us seems to contradict what He has promised.” It may seem like nothing is going right and God’s promises aren’t coming through but regardless we still must walk in obedience. Just like Abraham did when God told him to sacrifice Isaac. Nations were to be blessed based on Isaac being alive so how could sacrificing him be the way to go? But regardless, Abraham was obedient to God because he believed that God knew best. If you have read the bible at all then you know that Isaac was never sacrificed, and it was all a test. 

Your belief might be being tested right now. You might be struggling to have faith. You may be a bit confused on why certain promises aren’t coming to light but this is what I know and what I am going to continually work on: keep being obedient. God is working.  God is moving. Keep doing your part and turn the belief volume all the way up because you have to lean into God more than ever right now. Don’t let the devil distract you from the blessings God has coming your way. 

Somethings to think about & journal:

  • Are you believing? In God & yourself?
  • Could you be leaning into God’s word more
  • Are you going to be like Abraham and keep being obedient even though in some instances it doesn’t make sense?

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