Are You A Negative Person or Positive Person?

Is being a negative person going to get you anywhere in life? Has a negative mindset gotten you further in life somehow or did you get to where you wanted because you believed and were positive about it? Serious questions! If you are sitting in your new house, did you:

A. Say you weren’t going to get the house the whole time and have every negative thought in the book

B. Speak positively over it on how bad you wanted this house and how you just knew the house was for you

If you did A and still got the house, then good for you because that is amazing & that house was increasingly meant for you regardless of what you said. But, for the most part I am pretty sure B is what most people did, especially in this market I know for sure people are praying hard to get into these new houses. 

This is clearly just one example but one thing that truly drives me crazy is when someone speaks negativity over their life in general. Have you ever talked to someone and thought to yourself, “man if they would just speak positively over their lives maybe all these negative things would stop happening to them?” Just me? I have always been this way even before I started learning that the power of life and death is in the tongue. 

 We always hear the phrase: is your glass half full or half empty? Not to be mean to the phrase or anything but I don’t want to look at my life half anything. I want it to be full and flourishing and never empty and depressing. That is just full-on honesty. I would look at glass full of water and positively and never empty and negatively. I think you get the point. 

I have had multiple conversations with people that discuss this very topic and I constantly have to let them know that looking at your life in a positive way will bring on positive things. By all means it isn’t going to be a perfect life and hardships are still going to come but you will be able to handle them in a better way than before. This positive life will not happen overnight. If you start looking at your glass completely full right now you may still see some negative things in life because you’ve talked negatively over your life for years. It is going to take a while to break those walls down. Your glass of water that’s empty is not going to automatically fill itself, you have to constantly keep pouring in it until it reaches the top. That is how you need to treat this life. Pour into yourself with positive things and with God’s word until you are all filled up. It is going to take a while but the absolute peace you will feel from looking at the world in a positive light is going to be so rewarding and will make life a whole lot more fun than before. 

We don’t have time for any negative people here. Bring in the positivity, Lord. We want to see your light shine. We want our glass to be completely full. 

Somethings to think about & journal:

  • How do you look at life? Negative and positive? Be honest.  
  • Could you look at your glass of water completely full?
  • How can you speak positively over your life today?

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