Verse of the Week: Your Degree Doesn’t Define Your Life

I have seen so many photos this week of those graduating, especially from college. Graduations are such an exciting time in so many ways. It can be a new beginning of going out into the real world. For some people this is a moment of transformation. From here on out life is going to look incredibly different with all kinds of new responsibilities that almost no one has truly prepared you for. Some people take this moment and start to have the most incredible life, following their dreams and having that dream job. 

But that is not how everyone’s life will end up. Some will take a completely different turn in life and find themselves in positions they never thought they would be in. Some could fall into a depression. Some will think they have their lives all planned out but get a rude awakening when it is difficult to find a job outside of college. 

Whatever the route that gets taken, I need you to know that it is ok. So, your life doesn’t look like that one person who seemed to have gotten it all right out of college, that is ok. I need you to know this: that degree you have does not define what you are going to do with your life. 

Proverbs 16:9 NLT

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”

I got to learn this the hard way and I have two separate degrees. Sometimes things just aren’t guaranteed outside of college and that is hard to come to terms with and I soon learned that it is ok that my life outside of college didn’t match the others because that is not what God had in stored for me. 

And maybe, just maybe that is the same thing for you. I know you think well I went to college, and I did all the things correctly like I was told, why is it so stinking hard?! I know the fleeting thoughts but maybe, that just isn’t where you are supposed to be. Sometimes certain things are hard in life because that is not where you are supposed to be. You may feel like you aren’t moving in life because of this but that is when you need to lean into God. 

No, your life might not look the way you wanted it to, and it isn’t where your friend’s life is at that seems to be having everything go right for them but God’s plans for you will 100% be better than the plans that you had for yourself. Do no close yourself off to just what your degree says you should be doing. Yes, you have that degree, and it is such an amazing accomplishment, but it doesn’t define you. It doesn’t automatically create a plan for your life.

The only plan that matters is the one God has laid out for you. The steps that He has prepared for you is the direction you need to move in. 

Somethings to think about & journal:

  • Have you planned your whole life out?
  • Did you let your degree determine your steps?
  • Have you been obedient to God lately?

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