Do You Miss It?

Do you miss it? Do you miss whatever was the first thing that came to your mind when you read that statement?

I did a TikTok with these exact words in it a couple of weeks ago. My first thought that came to mind was softball. Do I miss softball? Do I wish that I didn’t have a career ending injury that changed the whole trajectory of my life? My response: every single day. I know it can sound crazy to be stuck on something like not playing a sport anymore but let’s look at it in a different way: Say you loved someone so much you couldn’t picture life without them and then suddenly, they were gone too soon, and you aren’t or haven’t been quite sure to move on. That’s how I felt when softball came to an end for me. 

When you are in the midst of this kind of sadness it is hard to see a way out, but it comes, and it gets better, right? It may not seem like this moment of missing whatever it is will be difficult to overcome but another thing I put on my video was that I trusted God and the plans He has next for my life and the same goes for you.  

This pain of missing *insert your event or person here* can be unbearable at times and I know it can be a lot. Time can make the pain not be so heavy, but God can make it almost nonexistent, He will give you the true desires of your heart. This is what I know: the things we go through in life are meant for a purpose. I know it may suck to go through certain things and the pain can be unbearable but when we give it to Jesus, He uses that pain for a purpose. 

Allow that trauma to be a part of your story. Allow it to be a part of your testimony. 

Romans 8:18 NLT

“Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.”

Miss those moments but don’t dwell on them. Be depressed for a minute but don’t stay there. God has something amazing in store even though the pain can be unbearable. Blessings are coming and God will be glorified through you. The pain will stop, and you will be left with all the mazing memories and feelings you felt while playing that sport or being with that person, whatever it is. 

You are strong enough to make it through this rough patch. Lean into God in these moments for the pain is too much so you can be reminded that He has something great in store for you and it will be something you have always needed in your life. 

Somethings to think about & journal:

  • What are you missing right now?
  • Have you dwelt on it for too long?
  • Do you trust God’s plans for your life?

One response to “Do You Miss It?”

  1. nvandergriffnet Avatar

    You need to speak to young women playing sports in the high schools.

    Nancy Vandergriff
    Ps. 118:24

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