Take Control of Your Thoughts

Do you like being in control?

What if I told you that you are actually being controlled without even recognizing it? Before you throw a hissy fit and say, “I can’t be controlled, no way, no how. I am in charge of my life.” Well, you are halfway right but hear me out. 

Have you ever wanted to do something but then decided against because of whatever excuse you gave? That = control. You just allowed your thoughts, negative thoughts, and the devil to control you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. If you are like me then you may start to hate the devil even more for taken control over your thoughts that has stopped you from getting closer to the purpose God has for your life. 

I will say it over and over. The more you get closer to God and the more you spread His word the more of a threat you become to the devil. The devil doesn’t want you to reach your potential in Christ because if that happens more people will turn to Christ, and you know the devil doesn’t want anyone turning to God. 

It is easy to get lost in all of the negative thoughts that we tend to go through day after day. But it is time to take charge and control of those thoughts. Then let God be in charge of your life. We have to learn to control what we can control and not go overboard. I know that probably sounds contradictory but again hear me out. 

We still have free will. We can literally do absolutely anything we want. We must choose a walk of faith every single day! We must walk in obedience with God every day. Those things aren’t easy, but it is something that we get to choose and control. If we are controlling our thoughts to be only positive and be from God’s word, then we have reached our ultimate goal. That means we have chosen to not allow the devil to control our thoughts we are in control of that while we walk in obedience with God. Am I making sense at all? 

Choose God. Control your thoughts or better yet take your thoughts captive (especially the negative ones). Then walk in obedience with God in charge.

Allowing the devil in will be detrimental to your spirit if you allow it to go on too long. Today, choose to be the boss over your thoughts while God is the boss over your life. 

Somethings to think about & journal:

  • What kind of thoughts are you having? Negative or positive?
  • Are you being controlled by the devil?
  • Are you going to choose God today? & every day?

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